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Ontario Moose Hunting


Successful moose huntingOntario is world famous for moose hunting. One of North America's largest mammals, moose are abundant in the Ignace, Ontario area.

Hunters have a choice of using a rifle or bow. A mature bull weighs up to 1,400 lbs., and they sport up to 50-60 inch racks. Many trophy big game animals are taken each fall. Some hunters are lucky in being in the right place at the right time and get a trophy head, while other hunters go out to drop an animal with a good rack.

Moose hunting is generally done by foot or stand to avoid noise. Often moose are taken by watching clearings or cut lines. The occasional moose is taken along the lakeshore or while traveling to or from hunting areas. Several methods of hunting are involved, each depending on time and/or circumstances and area.

Successful moose huntingWe have moose tags for Wildlife Management Unit 1C which is north of Pickle Lake on Hwy 599. Our hunters camp with their own equipment on a land use permit next to Stirland Lake with the coordinates 52.351489 -91.025854. It is a wild and secluded area, a great place for small game as well as Moose. Trophy hunting is hard work and the hunter must be prepared to spend long hours of standing, walking, tracking or just outguessing the animal. With this in mind, and patience, the hunter should get his trophy.

We sell our bull tags for $1100 U.S. plus 13% tax and our cow tags for $800 U.S. plus 13% tax which you would purchase directly from us. You will also need to purchase a moose license form the Ministry of Natural Resources which costs about $485 for a non resident of Ontario. All other licenses to hunt small game, wolf or fishing can also be purchased from the Ministry of Natural Resources. In order to purchase any of these hunting licenses, you will first need to purchase an Outdoor Hunting Card for about $11 CN. To obtain an Outdoor card for the first time, you need to provide an ORIGINAL previous gun hunting license of any kind from the state in which you reside. This must either be done in person or through a camp owner such as ourselves. The outdoor card is valid for three calendar years and can then be renewed online for future years.

If you are interested in a moose hunt with us, just email or call us and we will walk you through the process. We also provide gift certificates if you want to surprise a hunter with a unique and unforgettable gift. We are no longer taking moose hunters at our camp, Agimac River Outfitters in WMU 15A.

NOTE: the Ministry of Natural Resources introduced a non-resident Outdoors Card, effective January 1, 2009.

Non-Resident Outdoors Card Info  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

More information about moose hunting regulations can be found at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website (PDF).

Successful moose hunting    Successful moose hunting

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