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Non-Resident Outdoors Card


The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has embarked on a project to improve the way that hunting and fishing licences are sold, including the development of an automated licence system for licence issuers and improvements to the ministry's website and toll-free telephone service. When fully implemented, the new approach to selling licences will provide many benefits to non-resident hunters, including:

• The ability to purchase fishing and some hunting licences from home using the ministry's website or the toll-free automated telephone service
• Easier replacement of lost hunting or fishing licences
• Hunters will only have to present their hunter accreditation once to obtain their initial hunting Outdoors Card, which will then act as their proof of accreditation
• The option to purchase three-year fishing and small game hunting licences.

All anglers and hunters, including non-residents, will need a unique identification number for this system to work properly. For that reason, the ministry will be introducing a non-resident Outdoors Card, effective January 1, 2009. The non-resident Outdoors Card will be similar to the existing resident Outdoors Card and will be required to purchase an Ontario fishing or hunting licence, except for one-day fishing licences.

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