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Ignace, ON Weather Conditions and Forecast


Weather in the Ignace, ON area can change rapidly and unexpectedly. The following pages and web sites will provide you with a general forecast for our area to allow you to better plan for your visit here.

Weather Radar - Superior West, including Ignace, ON

Weatheradio Canada

Weatheradio Canada is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting weather and environmental information 24 hours a day in both official languages directly from Environment Canada's storm prediction centres.

From its inception in 1977, the network has expanded to 183 sites across the country, transmitting continuous weather information on 7 dedicated frequencies on the VHF public service band. Now, fully 92% of Canadians can access a Weatheradio signal, and recent technological advances have made it possible for listeners to program radio receivers to deliver only certain types of warnings for their specific locations.

Enhanced SAME-capable Weatheradio receivers use digital SAME codes as the trigger to activate the alarm features. Users who purchase a SAME-capable Weatheradio will be able to receive the full suite of weather and non-weather related emergency messages (watches, warnings and advisories) and utilize the full functionality of the warning device unit, such as the ability to pre-select which warnings to receive and for which regions. All Weatheradios with the SAME decode feature can be preset to activate only for the local geographic area. To program one of these models, select the CLC codes then follow the manufacturer's directions.

The CLC code for all of Dryden - Ignace is 047400; for Dryden - Vermilion Bay is 047410, and for Ignace - English River is 047420. Weatheradio Canada stations serving our region are 162.400, Atikokan, and 162.400, Fort Frances.

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