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Anyone travelling to Canada should have 2 forms of identification for proof of identity, such as birth certificate, passport, drivers license.

If travelling with children (under 17 years) you must have identification for them. If the children do not belong to the person they are traveling with they must have a note from their legal guardian giving them permission travel with another, it is also advisable to supply a telephone number so that these travel arrangements can be confirmed by the Customs Agent.

For those visitors, with only one minor criminal conviction that is at least 10 years old, that are coming to Northwestern Ontario and crossing at the Fort Frances or Thunder Bay ports of entries. You may apply for a Letter of Rehabilitation to either office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In Thunder Bay call (807) 624-2158 or Fort Frances call (807) 274-3655. Either office will forward a kit that has been slightly modified from the one available on the ministry website. The processing time is expected to be approximately 4-6 weeks.

Those individuals with a more serious offence must go through the Canadian Consulate.

The border crossings are staffed with an Immigration Officer.

In Fort Frances, Sunday through Saturday from 8 am – 12 am. In Rainy River, Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am – 4 pm.

If you have any questions or if you require any further information contact the Canada Immigration Centre Thunder Bay (807) 624-2158 Fort Frances (807) 274-3655.

Border Crossing Wait Times
Firearms Information
Non-Residents Guide to Pre-Arrival Processing of Non-Resident Firearms
Are you inadmissible to Canada?
• If you have any questions regarding US passport requirements please use
   this website from the US Department of State.
• If you have any questions regarding admissibility, below are the telephone
   and fax numbers for the Canadian Consulates:
   Detroit: Phone: (313) 567-2340 - Fax: (313) 567-2164
   Minneapolis: Phone: (612) 332-7486 - Fax: (612) 332-4061
   The final decision on admissibility is made by the officer at the port of entry
   after the appropriate interview.

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