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Lake Trout Fishing


Lake Trout

It's extremely exciting to bring up a heavy lake trout from the depths. They take a little more skill to catch, but fight really hard and taste fantastic. Indian Lake has those big ones you're looking for and they have even been caught by children. Mameigwess, Victoria, Pluto and Paguchi also offer great Trout fishing nearby.

Season: January 1 to September 30th
Limit - Sport License: 3 in 1 day with only 3 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 1 in 1 day with only 1 in your possession
Size Limits for Sport License: Not more than 2 in one day with only 2 in your possession from Sept. 1-Sept. 30
Size Limits for Conservation License: No size limit

Lake Trout

Non-Resident License Fees

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